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nubule's Journal

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25 January 1980
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Do I write here anymore? Not sure.
*gress, \o/, aac sushi, abstraction, accessibility, alternative transportation, analysis, anarchism, anarchy-faggs, apologising for past mistakes, apple, asparagus, authenticity, being pulled aside, bicycles, body modification, captioning, chickaquackquack, cities, comments, communication, connotations, contemplation, copwatch, david sedaris, degrassi, design, diaereses, disorder, diversity, dropping extraneous suffixes, eating cereal for dinner, equality, ethical food choices, ethics, existenz, fametracker, feminism, following, friendliness, games, gender deconstruction, hating facebook, hissyfit forums, hooking up, i ♥ huckabees, incredulity toward essentialism, indecision, independence, inextricable context, intoxication of many sorts, inventing elaborate backstories, irc, joycore, karaoke, knitting, language, learning, letting go, mondragón, my so-called life, mysteries, neologisms, nintendo, nomenclature, nomi, non-monogamy, odysseys, order, personalism, philosophy, piano, polyglotism, postmodernism, proper accent usage, proportional representation, public transportation, qualophobia, queer as folk uk, queers, radical queers, reading, refreshingly uninformed metaphysical discussions, resisting undesireable desires, sailor mercury, scepticism, self-improvement, sex, sharing, singularity, six feet under, sleater-kinney, subtext, superfluous 'u's, suspended particulate, svg, televisionwithoutpity, text, text messages, the dispossessed, the game, the hidden cameras, transcendence, transgressions, trivia, truck-drivin' neighbours downstairs, typography, udon, unconventional time signatures, unmentionables, vagueness, validation, veda hille, vernor vinge, versatility, visualising whirled peas, wikipedia, winnipeg, wishing, xml, xsl, yr